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Le Tonkinois, Number One

Le Tonkinois (Lay-TON-kin-wah) is an all natural, environmentally friendly tung oil and linseed oil based varnish oil. It produces a rich, deep varnish finish that is strong and durable, yet it is very easy to apply and maintain.

Only a light sanding after the first coat is required. Between subsequent coats, just wipe down with a water dampened rag. Very user friendly, no complicated thinning or mixing, use right out of the can.

Le Tonkinois does not get brittle like synthetic varnishes, it does not crack, peel or blister. Rather, it moves with the wood, while at the same time preserving a durable, water resistant finish.

Each formula is easy to use, works like a horse, and is stunningly beautiful.

Available in 1 liter cans and 2.5 liter cans.

Le Tonkinois, Number One - 2.5 Liter Can

Perfect for the larger project.

The 2.5 liter can is priced the same as two one liter cans, you receive an extra half liter for 'free'.

First time users:

An informative application Primer by Bill Rickman

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