.5 Liter Can

Gelomat Flattening Solution

A flattening solution for Le Tonkinois users who want a less glossy look. You determine the ultimate look of your varnish by adjusting the ratio of Gelomat to Le Tonkinois:

Satin Finish: Mix 1 part Gelomat with 3 parts Le Tonkinois.

Egg Shell Finish: Mix 1 part Gelomat with 2 parts Le Tonkinois.

Matte Finish: Mix Gelomat 1:1 with Le Tonkinois.

Mix well. Use only with the final coat, you don't need to use it on every coat.

It's easy to overestimate the amount of flattening you are trying to achieve. For instance, you may be thinking Egg Shell, but then after seeing it discover you really want Satin. A small test panel will make sure you produce the finish you desire.

Available in .5 liter cans.